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Hello socialbux staff, I realize this ticket, since wanting to rent 5 referrals, tells me that dont have purchase balance and if I have the 0.85 needed. Hope you can solve the problem, thank you very much. Sorry for my bad inglish...Admin:I added you 2 dollars is better? Have a nice day...braianff91: Very nice,i love you and you solve my problem! I have been renting my referrals! thanks and god bless ... Social Bux is one of the best CPA Affiliate Network for publishers wishing to maximize their profit, Get Paid To Click and make money online.I was amazed Social-Bux email Marketing and its functionality.A half hour after spening cognition front end'm designing my own templates and later that day sending my first e-mail campaign. Social-Bux Email Marketer is very easy to use, easy to use. I sent approx. 10,000 e-mails to 5,000 participants PTC, in time at all. My next step is to start marketing via the built-in automatic function.

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